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Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro New Era
Since January 1st, Brazil has entered a New Era. The newly elected Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his team started a big change on economy, politics, social, cultural and Foreign Policy. The new Foreign Affairs minister, Mr Ernesto Araújo has set the guidelines for Brazil's new foreign policy. And this is the first of our Top Stories.

Coming next is a Top Story about Brazil's Agribusiness sector, which is responsible for most of the country's exports income. Competitiveness and large scale production units are the strenghes of this dynamic sector.


The new Administration policy is based on safety, order, freedom for businesses, lower taxes and privatization of public entreprises in order to have less state and more economic initiatives left to the people who want to make, create and innovate.

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After socialist and leftist disaster ruling the country, fighting these ideological and corruption agents are the trends and actual questions discussed across the country.
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New business-friendly environment

Just a week before the start of his administration, President Jair Bolsonaro already has much to celebrate. First of all, the optimism that emanates from the São Paulo Stock Exchange, with a series of highs and highs. Second, the successive falls in the exchange rate. Thirdly, the discussions are moving forward to arrive at a final draft of the proposal to be submitted to the Congress on Social Security Reform. This is undoubtedly the biggest challenge facing the new government.

Top Stories Jan 5, 2019

Fiscal, economic and social policies are becoming crucial themes discussed these days in Brazil as well as the radical new Foreign Policy. More on Foreign Policy

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