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Brazil Key Figures
Population, active population, GDP, inflation, exchange rates, unemployment, exports and imports are among the key figures you will find here.

Population and GDP

With a population of 208.5 million of inhabitants, Brazil is the fifth country in the world, after China, India, the US and Indonesia. Brazil's GDP is second only to the US, in the American Continent. In 2017, Brazil1's GDP was 2.05 trillion of US$.


Inflation is kept under control for a while (under Mr. Michel Temer administration it reached 3,75%, below the target). For 2019, the inflation target is set to 4,25%.

Exchange rates

Since Mr. Bolsonaro's rule, the dollar exchange rate has been around R$ 3,70-80 for a US$ dollar.


The unemployment rate for 2018 was around 13%, with some 13 million unemployed people.

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New Government Reforms

Most important measures to be taken by Mr Bolsonaro's New Government include reforms and privatization of important public entreprises. Coming next: Our analysis of first economic measures taken by Bolsonaro's team.
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