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Brazil's Ernesto Araújo New Era
No doubt Brazil has entered a New Era. The newly elected Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his team started a big change on economy, politics, social, cultural and foreign policy. Our first story on Foreign Policy is about Mr Araújo's Speech.

Brasil Depot Foreign Policy

Brazil First

In his first speech about Foreign Policy, the new Minister stressed the guidelines for the New Brazilian Foreign Policy.

During his speech Minister Araújo stressed the following points:

1. Brazil back to Brazilians

President Bolsonaro struggle to reconquer Brazil and to give the country back to Brazilians

2. Foreign Policy must serve Brazil

Old Foreing Policy was aimed to keep Brazil as a no voice country in accordance to international organisms such as the UN.

3. End of Brazil's neutrality

Brazil will no more try to please everyone.

Brasil Depot Foreign Policy

4. Brazil has Power

And together with our allies the New Foreign Policy will be based on this fact. Regional Power with responsabilities regarding freedom, truth and human rights.

5. Brazil will fight Socialism and Globalism

Afters years of leftist and socialist governments, Brazil has got only high criminality rates, corruption and support to the World dictatorships. We need a radical change and first of all to fight this corrupt socilialism and communism policies.

6. New Policy to reinforce Brazil's economic interest

Brazil must reinforce its trade and businesses. The New Foreign Policy will be focused on getting results to strenghen the country's economy, with more jobs and wealth for Brazilians.

Brasil Depot Foreign Policy

7. The Itamaraty must reflect the change Brazil needs

The New Foreign Policy headquarter will be inspired in Brazil new government politics in order to spread these changes.

Industry, Agribusiness, Services, Technology.

Brasil Depot Foreign Policy

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