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Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro and Paulo Guedes economy minister open new perspectives for business in the country after 14 years of socialist and leftist governments. Among major measures to be taken, privatization of public entreprises, lower taxes and reforms are to be highlighted.

Privatizations will change radically the structure of the Brazilian government. Less state and more private initiative. So, transports, roads, railways, ports and airports will be sent to the private sector. The same will happen to the plenty of government buildings across the country.


Social Security Reform

The Social Security Reform (Reforma da PrevidĂȘncia) is the big challenge the new government has to tackle. A lot of discussion has been done about this theme by previous governments. Nevertheless, almost nothing has been done. This time Mr Bolsonaro's government may carry this reform on as it is a kind of key to further reforms, new market environment and sustainable economic growth.

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