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The agribusiness sector, the main and most dynamic sector of the national economy, represents about 1/3 of Brazil's GDP. It can be said that agribusiness is the locomotive of the Brazilian economy.

Agribusiness in Figures

The sector's key figures are:
• 37% of Brasil work force;
• imports reach R$ 4.8 billion;
• exports reach R$ 39 billion;
• in the total balance of Brazilian foreign trade, agribusiness represents 93%! The rest of the economy, only 7%. • from 2000 to 2005, the sector's export balance grew 159%, an average of 21% per year.

These figures confirm the huge part of the agribusiness for Brazil's economy. They allow us to say that Brazil feeds the world.

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In this section you will have updated information about the Brazilian agribusiness sector, its trends and actual questions about it discussed across the country.


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