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We are pleased to present you independent views on the Brazilian economy as a whole, trends and actual questions discussed across the country.

Besides economy, we will also highlight technology, leisure and travel in Brazil's most important cities and tourist destinations. By the end of February a Brasil Depot Newsletter, with most important and relevant information, will be available and released for subscribers.


New Era

President Jair Bolsonaro administration was elected to implement radical democratic changes in Brazil, ruined after decades of social-democrat, globalism and left-wing corrupt parties.

Liberal Agenda

The majority of the Brazilian People chose President Bolsonaro to set up a liberal agenda to modernize the state by the way of reforms, privatization of public entreprises and to set the country free of globalism and left-wing influence.

Brazil Advisers

Government Reforms

Most important measures to be taken by Mr Bolsonaro's New Government include reforms and privatization of important public entreprises. Coming next: Our analysis of first economic measures taken by Bolsonaro's team.
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Fiscal and social policies are becoming crucial themes discussed these days in Brazil. Learn more

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